THERE IS MORE TO USELESS,, if you know anyone called USELESS UNPROFITABLE,, NOBODY,, please send them to DMICC,,

we believed in the future of the #useless,, #rejected, #Abused , #refusedperson’..

All he or she needs is a change of environment and change of Communication,, he can not keep staying where. He or she is been called useless,, and he can not keep hearing been called Useless,,

Onesimus was refer to as Useless by the side of Philemon but as he found himself around Paul he became Very useful,, very profitable

The question is what happened ?
Very simple;; He had an encounter with the word of God,, you cannot stay with Paul and not do bible study everyday,,
Encounter with the word of God will change anyone’s life,no matter how wrecked the li…


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